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Business Pitch Guidelines

Your business pitch is your story. It should be fast, simple, and shareable.

Forbes Contributor Carmine Gallo tells you how to pitch anything in 15 seconds using a Message Map
  • Engage the audience, stay energized, be creative and use information from your business canvas.
  • Start with an idea or words to "hook" the audience, make good eye contact, and don't forget to wrap it up with a conclusion.
  • Consider using a prop to help tell your story. 
  • SpringGR will create a slide to introduce you and your business. You may add up to two additional slides - send them to your business consultant no later than 48 hours prior to Pitch Night.

Include the following in any order during your pitch:

Public speaking and presentation skills expert Jason Teteak shows you how to give an amazing presentation.

Your Business Story
1.    What problem are you solving?
2.    What is your experience and background that makes you the right person to run this business?
3.    Why did you start the business?
Your Business Marketing
1.    How do people hear about your business?
2.    How will you market your business?
3.    Who is your competition and why do customers choose you instead of your competition (what solution do you provide)? 
Your Business Finances
1.    What are your costs?
2.    How is business going? How are sales?
Your Business Future
1.    Detail how you plan to use the winning prize?
2.     How it will turn into profit for the business?

Pitch Examples