Business Academy Locations

Hispanic Center
1204 Grandville Ave SW

Roosevelt Park Ministries
1530 Grandville Ave SW

Restorers Inc.
1413 Madison Ave SE

Fall 2017 Classes Coming Soon

During the 12-week training you will explore:

Who is my customer?

What problem am I solving for my customer?

How is my customer currently solving the problem?

Why does my customer want my product or service?

How am I market testing my idea?

What is my story, and how does my customer hear it?

How do I make money from my customer?

SpringGR believes that business success depends on access to training, hard work, and opportunity. We utilize lean start up principles and low-cost ways to test ideas on your potential customers, and we're designed for people with business ideas, talents and skills. 

No business idea is too big or too small!